H2O 0km

An initiative in the University thought of how it would be possible to encourage people inside the University (students as well as all the people working here) to drink tap water instead of bottled water. The tap water quality of Bolzano is really good and in order to avoid a lot of plastic garbage, the idea was to sell these aluminium bottles. This way people would pay more attention to their bottle and not just use it and trhrow it away (as done with common water bottles).

The aim of the competition was to graphically design the aluminium waterbottles. The graphics should encourage people to use these bottles and of course the generyl topic of the graphics should be water consumption etc.

My design shows the different places water gows through, represented inside water drops: from glacial ice, the water becomes a river, seeps into ground, is then pumped up as groundwater and finally transported into every home’s tap. By showing the long way water has to undergo, I wanted people to develop a respectful consumption of water in general – not just for drinking purposes.