For a Handful of Food

The workshop with tour de fork was a great experience. After a short introduction to food design, we were given a task: form groups and organize a food event with the purpose of bringing people closer and facilitating for people to socialize with others. Time limit: 24 hours.

Every participant was given a white cotton glove with a paper plate glued on it. That way people had to constantly carry their plate, making it almost impossible to slice the food (bread, cheese, etc.) that was intentionally left whole. Only with the help of another person it was possible to open the bottles, to eat and to enjoy a nice event.

The results of our experiment show, that even the most timid people start talking to others when the situation itself impedes them from being for just themselves.  Sharing bread and wine in this case was a symbol for generosity and for giving away something of yourself.
Even the location was chosen carefully. Many little tables, that were missing a table-leg or two, had been connected together in a row to support the previous one.

Thanks to my colleagues Sine Özbilge, Inga Brown, Andreas Trenker and Julia Schuster.